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#791A: Follow-up of DAVID Compliance Audit - Clerk of Courts - Issued 5/22/2019 (0.1M pdf)

#790A: Follow-up of DAVID Compliance Audit - Neighborhoods - Issued 5/22/2019 (0.1M pdf) 

#747B: Follow-up on Audit of Indirect Cost Allocation - Issued 5/22/2019 (0.1M pdf)

#825: Quarterly Summary for the Six Months Ended March 31, 2019 - Issued 5/14/2019 (0.85M pdf)

#824: Capital Assets Audit - Issued 4/16/2019 (0.43M pdf)

#823: Stormwater Fee Audit Report - Issued 4/9/2019 (0.52M pdf)

#779A: Affordable Housing Consultant Services Audit Follow-up Report - Issued 4/9/2019 (0.14M pdf)

#780A:  Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Payroll Audit Follow-up Report - Issued 4/1/2019 (0.1M pdf)

#822: Quarterly Summary for the Three Months Ended December 31, 2018 - Issued 02/14/2019 (1.58M pdf) 

#778A: Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) Payroll Audit Follow-up - Issued 01/22/2019 (0.17M pdf)


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