Regulatory Boards and Commissions

The Construction Trades Qualifying Board, acting under the authority of Chapter 62 and Chapter 342, Municipal Ordinances, is charged with protecting the residents of the City of Jacksonville from unscrupulous or incompetent members of the construction industry. The Board ensures that the members of the construction industry in general building, residential, roofing, pool, sheet metal, electrical, heating/air-conditioning/refrigeration, plumbing, water treatment installations, irrigation, natural gas, pool subcontractors and carpentry subcontractors meet the competency, financial responsibility, credit and insurance threshold qualifications established under both City Ordinance and state law.

Legislative Authority: Chpt 62, Ord Code

Total Members: 18

Committee Duties: Mayor makes 18 appointments. Administer Chapter 342. Ensure that an applicant for any certificate meets the qualifications provided by law. Provide for the preparation, administration and grading of examinations. Decide questions of definition and interpretation of the scope of work of the various construction trades covered by Chapter 342. Make recommendations to the Council for amendment to ordinances it is required to administer. Provide a continuous study of the different trades and crafts regulated by Chapter 342 and recommend the regulation of additional trades or crafts as may be determined to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

Meeting Date: Meets 1st Wednesday of Month at 5:00pm in Civil Svc Bpard Room (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Committee Members:

Name Category
Andrews, Ronald E. Journeyman Plumber
Bodie, Jr., William R. Electrical Contractor
Burroughs, Demetrius Apartment Industry
Caudill, Lee E. Apartment Industry
Christmas, Richard M. Irrigation Contractor
Clarson, Jon S. Pool & Spa Contractor
DeCicco, Ralph A. Roofing Contractor
Eziemefe, Goddy Citizen 01
Galligher, Stewart A. Journeyman HAR
Gates, David A. Journeyman Electrician
Ingle, Nancy B. Citizen 02
Keister, Mark J. Engineer
Millerschone, Kristine Apartment Industry
Snell, Clifford D. HAR Contractor
Walker, Charles R. Architect
Williams, Angie D. General Contractor
Wood, Walter W. Plumbing Contractor

Contact Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Hickok, Richard A. Executive Director (904) 630-2658
Simon, Gail Executive Secretary (904) 630-2657