Rethink. Reset. Recycle.

November 28, 2017  
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According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, approximately 30 percent of all household materials recycled in Florida are not recyclable at curbside, leading to the shutdown of processing centers for hours at a time each day.

The “Rethink. Reset. Recycle” campaign is designed to educate Floridians about curbside recycling, and a reminder to Floridians about the basics of curbside recycling which includes clean and dry aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles and jugs, paper and cardboard.

Floridians are contaminating home recycling bins with things that cannot be recycled curbside such as plastic bags, greasy pizza boxes, thin plastic packaging and more. In fact, nearly one-third of all materials households send to Florida recycling facilities are not recyclable and ruin loads of items that otherwise could be recycled. While the intentions are good, these mistakes are costly and time-consuming. Contamination costs an average of $125 per ton. By eliminating the 30 percent of contaminated materials in curbside recycling bins, Floridians could save up to $100 million in recycling costs in one year. Jacksonville citizens are encouraged to visit to learn more about what can and cannot be recycled through the City of Jacksonville’s local recycling program.