Stars, Stripes and Safety: Keeping Pets Safe During July 4th

July 04, 2018  
happy 4th of july dog and cat

Independence Day is a holiday characterized by warm weather, barbecues and fireworks. For many people, it is a time to celebrate with family and friends — including the furry ones.

But the holiday can also be dangerous and frightening for pets, especially the fireworks. Loud fireworks displays may cause pets to become frightened or disoriented, sometimes leading them to panic and even escape their yards and homes. This can result in a surge in the number of animals picked up or brought in to shelters by residents who find them. Below are a few safety tips from Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS) that will help keep pets safe on Independence Day:

  • Keep your pet secured INSIDE your home

  • Provide a safe spot from loud noises

  • NEVER use fireworks around pets

  • Be prepared in the event that your pet does escape

  • Have your pet properly identified/microchipped

  • Keep emergency contact info handy