JSEB New Vendor Application

JSEB Certification Application - Please complete the application and include the requested documentation for our review.

W-9 Form - Please print and complete.

*The City of Jacksonville is now the certifying agent for JEA. All vendors certified with the City of Jacksonville are also certified to bid on JEA projects.*

JSEB Recertification Application

  • JSEB Recertification Application Instructions - Please complete the application/affidavit and include the requested documentation for our review.
  • JSEB Recertification Application - Click this link for the form to renew your certification with the City of Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) program. If you have not been through the certification process, you may do so by completing the full JSEB application which can be accessed, by link, above. If you are unsure of your company's certification status with the City, please contact our office at (904) 255-8840 or email jseb@coj.net.
  • JSEB Net Worth Form - Complete this form for: each qualifying owner(s).
  • JSEB Contiuning Education
Beginning in January of 2018 all renewing JSEB vendors will be required to attend one of the free business skills continuing education opportunities provided by the JSEB office. This one-day or two-night course MUST BE ATTENDED BY THE QUALIFYING OWNER. If qualifying owner does not attend IT WILL NOT be counted toward your renewal requirement. Please bring photo id to sign in. In addition anyone arriving more than 30 minutes late to either the one-day or two-night  (the 1st or 2nd night) of the required course will not receive credit for attending and will have to take another course.

Adding Commodities 

Additional Areas of Certification - If your company is seeking to increase certification of additional commodities under your JSEB certification, the owner must first   download the form below then submit it with the required supporting documentation to our office. Certifications will be granted only in those areas for which the owner has the ability and expertise normally required by the industry for the field for which certification is sought.

Click here to add commodity codes: Add Commodities Form

NIGP Commodity and Service Codes