October Adoption Pricing
  • Dogs (>4 yrs of age):                          $FREE*
  • Dogs/Puppies (<4 yr of age):              $20*
  • Kittens under a year of age:               $(BOGO)* 
* $20 City license fee may apply
**Ask about our Pre-pay process and pre-adopt any animal in the shelter (some exclusions may apply)**
***All prices are subject to change and may require additional fees.***
****Adopt a Senior (senior = dogs over the age of 5) dog for FREE, city license fee may apply.****
Ask about our Pet OF The Week Adoption Special!

Owner Reclaim

  • Reclaim: $25
  • Board: $15 per day
  • Spay/Neuter Deposit*: $500 (If Unaltered)
  • Rabies Vaccination: $10 (If No Proof of Current Vaccination)
  • Microchip ID: $10 (If not already microchipped)
  • City License: $20 (If Not Current)
  • Bite Quarantine Fees
  • Quarantine Fee: $200 paid upon intake

Trap Rentals

  • $75 (Cash)


  • City License: $20 Annually
  • Replacement Tag: $6
  • Late Fee: Between five days late and 45 days late there is a $25 late fee. After 45 days it is a failure to license citation at $250.
  • Dangerous Dog: $200 Annually
  • Pet Shop/Breeder: $300 Annually

Other Fees

  • Dangerous Dog Investigation Fee: $300
  • Dangerous Dog Appeal Fee: $375
  • Owner Requested Transport and/or Disposal Fee: $50
*Spay/neuter deposit is required for animals impounded at large. If proof of sterilization is shown within 30 days, the $500 will be refunded. Alternatively, a breeder's permit may be purchased for $300 annually.