Animal Care and Protective Services wants to make conditions as healthy and pleasant as possible for the animals who come to our facilities. If you want to help us, please review the list below to see how you can help to make their lives better. For more information, contact us at Thanks!

Cleaning/household items:Circle with illustration of a bottle
Dryer Sheets
Laundry detergent
Clorox/Lysol wipes
Swiffer cloths
Dawn dishwashing detergent
Plastic spray bottles
New or used towels, sheets, blankets, and comforters
Dog Supplies:Circle with illustration of a bone
Kuranda beds
Velveeta cheese
Benzoyl Plus Shampoo
Soft dog training treats
Pupparoni treats
Spray cheese (Easy cheese)
Sentry calming collars
Cat Supplies:Circle with illustration of a cat
Cat treats
Canned kitten food
KMR kitten milk replacer (powder or pre-mixed)
Feliway spray and calming collars
Medical Supplies:Circle with illustration of a medical kit
Digital thermometers
Kendall conforming 2in stretch gauze
Cordless grooming clippers with battery and #10 blades
Isopropyl alcohol
Powder free exam glove – size small, medium, and large