The Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority (JHFA) was established pursuant to Chapter 52, Jacksonville Municipal Code in accordance with Section 159, part IV, Florida Statutes. The JFHA exists for the purpose of addressing affordable housing needs in Duval County, Florida by stimulating the construction and rehabilitation of housing through the use of public financing. The JHFA is empowered to alleviate the shortage of affordable residential housing and to provide capital for investment in such facilities for low, moderate to middle income families and persons anywhere within Duval County, Florida through the issuance of its mortgage revenue binds (subject to legislative approval).

A seven-member board appointed by the Mayor and the City Council governs the Authority. 




Notice is hereby given that the Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority will meet in a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting on Wednesday, 20 OCT 2021 at 12:00pm. This meeting is offered in-person at 214 North Hogan Street, 8th floor, and virtually through Conference Call. In order to maintain proper social distancing, the public is strongly encouraged to attend this meeting via Conference Call. Please see instructions below for details on accessing the meeting via Conference Call
As a result of the expiration of City of Jacksonville Emergency Executive Proclamation Number 2020-009, masks are encouraged but not required at the physical meeting place.
Persons attending this meeting in-person or via Conference Call will be given an opportunity to provide public comment during the designated public comment period.  Interested persons who cannot attend the meeting either in-person or via Conference Call, but who wish to submit public comments to be read during the public comment period of the meeting regarding any matter on the agenda for consideration at the meeting may do so by emailing administrative support staff at jhfa@coj.net  or mailing comments to JHFA Administrative Staff 214 N. Hogan Street,
7th Floor, Jacksonville Florida 32202 no later than 12:05 pm on Wednesday, 20 OCT 2021.   Board meeting agendas can be found at https://www.coj.net/departments/neighborhoods/housing-and-community-development/jacksonville-housing-finance-authority, by emailing jhfa@coj.net, or by calling 904-255-8225.  Interested persons may request a hard copy or electronic copy of meeting materials by by emailing administrative support staff at jhfa@coj.net  or mailing requests to JHFA Administrative Staff 214 N. Hogan Street, 7th Floor, Jacksonville, Florida 32202. 
Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, accommodations for persons with disabilities are available upon request. Please allow 1-2 business days notification to process; last minute requests will be accepted, but may not be possible to fulfill. Please contact Disabled Services Division at: V(904) 255-5466, TTY-(904) 255-5476, or email your request to karat@coj.net.
Please contact administrative support staff by telephone at (904) 255-8225 or by email at jhfa@coj.net if you have any questions regarding this notice or if you experience technical difficulties during the meeting.


  1. Dial into the conference call at (866) 569-3761. The passcode is 853 7016 177.
  2. Record your name when prompted.
Public Comment
At the beginning of public comment, the Chair of the Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority will establish a time period for each speaker that is no more than 3 minutes  per speaker.
  • All participants who wish to participate in public comment during the meeting state their intention when requested by providing their full name. 
  • The Chair will call on speakers, by name, from those individuals requesting to speak.
  • Wait to be recognized for your public comment time by the Chair.
  • Begin speaking after the Chair has recognized your turn during public comment.


2021 Calendar JHFA Board Meetings
***Update to calendar: The JHFA Board meeting scheduled on 8/18/21 has been rescheduled to occur on 8/11/21. The JHFA Board Meeting scheduled on 9/15/21 has been rescheduled to occur on 9/8/21.*** 

Meeting Notices - JHFA - Public Meeting Notices

Meeting Agendas - JHFA - Agendas

Meeting Minutes - JHFA Minutes

Programs and Services 



The Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority (the "Authority" or “JHFA”) announces the availability of funds and is requesting applications for the consideration of providing gap financing for qualified multifamily housing developments which meet the goals of the Authority, comply with applicable federal and state law, and are using JHFA bonds. The Authority has adopted the following guidelines to set forth the general requirements and procedures that apply to the financing of multifamily housing developments. The Authority may waive specific provisions of these guidelines where good cause is shown and adequate supporting documentation is provided. Any waiver is at the sole discretion of the Authority, and may require approval by the Jacksonville City Council. In addition, these guidelines may be amended, revised, repealed or otherwise altered by the Authority with or without notice. The Authority specifically welcomes requests for proposed alternative resident programs or development/unit features.

Bond issues

The JHFA issues tax exempt single-family mortgage revenue bonds to provide funds for below market rate mortgages to homebuyers. In addition, the JHFA also issues Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC's) which allow taxpayers to claim a tax credit for some portion of the mortgage interest paid during a given tax year. 

The JHFA has also issued multi family bonds to finance the construction/acquisition and rehabilitation of apartment complexes. Because the interest paid to the investors who buy these bonds is exempt from federal income tax, the interest rate on the mortgage to the developer is generally lower than conventional interest rates. More importantly, tax-exempt bonds bring automatic Federal Housing Credits to each deal -providing private sector equity investment that makes the transaction economically feasible.  By federal law, developments financed through the issuance of tax-exempts bonds include a requirement that a certain percentage of units be set aside for specific percentage levels of the local area median income. The development is also required to remain affordable for a specific period of time. The Authority was created by the Jacksonville City Council as the Duval County Housing Finance Authority (DCHFA) in 1978 and renamed the Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority in 2004.  Feel free to contact jhfa@coj.net or (904)255-8279

Contact Information:

Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority
Thomas J. Daly, II Esq.
214 North Hogan Street, 7th Floor
Jacksonville, FL., 32202 904-255-8200