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2018 Bulletins 

E-01-18 Use of Grounded Circuit Conductor for Grounding Equipement (PDF 98KB)
G-07-18 Drainage Review and Inspection (PDF 156KB)
G-06-18 License Renewal (PDF 143 KB)
G-05-18 Public Records Request (PDF 130KB)
G-04-18 Final Approval of Building Permits at Building Counter (PDF 123KB)
G-03-18 Solar Installation Requirements (PDF 158KB)
G-01-18 Verification of exisiting fire-resistance-rated assemblies on interior renovation projects (PDF 104KB)
L-01-18 Tree Mitigation Costs (PDF 55KB)
R-01-18 Section 706 Existing Roofing of the 2017 Florida Building Code (PDF 39KB)

2017 Bulletins

G-05-17 Require Tree Removal Information on Residential Single Family Site Plans that are not included in a Subdivision (PDF 39KB)
L-03-17 Tree Protection and Related Expenses Trust Fund Contribution (PDF 40KB)
L-02-17 New Information Required for Completing Site Clearing, Tree Removal, and Building Permits (PDF 38KB)
L-01-17 Recent Changes to the Landscape Code (PDF 101KB)

2016 Bulletins

E-01-16 Replacement Receptacles (PDF 69KB)
G-04-16 Homeowner Sunroom Affidavit (PDF 34KB)
G-02-16 Converting Use Permits (PDF 54KB)
G-01-16 Form to Change Design Professionals (PDF KB)
L-01-16 Tree Protection and Related Expenses Trust Fund Contribution (PDF 106KB)

2015 Bulletins

E-03-15 Fault Current Calculations (PDF 30KB)
E-02-15 Permitting of Solar Voltaic Systems (PDF 68KB)
E-01-15 Emergency JEA Power Reconnection (PDF 128KB)
G-05-01 Single Family Residential Work Not Requiring a Permit (PDF 66KB)
G-08-15 Revised Building Permit Fees Calculations (PDF 29KB)
G-07-15 General Email Address for Submitting Documents (PDF 34KB)
G-06-15 Sections C408.2 and C408.3 of the Florida Energy Code (PDF 33KB)
G-05-15 Product Approval Information Sheet - Revised (PDF 108KB)
G-04-15 Residential Plan Review Checklist - Revised June 2015 (PDF 148KB)
G-03-15 Blower Door Testing - Revised 2017 (PDF 550KB)
L-02-15 Charter Amendment vs Tree Ordinance (PDF 46KB)
L-01-15 Tree Protection and Related Expenses Trust Fund Contribution (PDF 34KB)
R-02-15 Residential Re-roofing over Non-standard Decking (PDF 56KB)
R-01-15 Destructive Roofing-In-Progress Inspections (PDF 149KB)

2014 Bulletins

G-01-14 Lot Grading (PDF 75KB)
G-02-14 Grading and Slab Elevation for In-Fill Lots (PDF 149KB) 
G-03-14 Commercial Swimming Pools - No Plumbing Permit (PDF 31KB)
G-04-14 Window and Door Replacement Permits for Education Day Care and Assembly Occupancies, Revised 2018 (PDF 34KB) 
G-05-14 Permit for Reduction in Life Safety Component (PDF 31KB)
P-01-14 Drinking Fountain Requirement (PDF 27KB) 
S-01-14 (Revised; S-02-08 Revised) Setback Requirements For Signs (PDF 39KB)
SP-01-14 (Revised) Public Pool Requirements (PDF 86KB)

2013 Bulletins

G-01-13 Elevation Certificates (PDF 65KB)
M-1-13 Residential A/C Change-Outs (PDF 57KB)
SP-01-13 Pool ADA Lift Permits (PDF 92KB)

2012 Bulletins

G-15-12 Foundation Repair Inspection Process (PDF 50KB)
G-17-12 License Renewal (PDF 60KB)

2011 Bulletins

P-01-11 Backflow Preventers for Irrigation Systems (PDF 42KB)

2010 Bulletins

E-01-10 Low Voltage Permit Requirements (PDF 51KB)
G-01-10 Implementation of the 180-day Law in the New Permitting System (PDF 304KB)
G-03-10 Changes to Escrow System (PDF 64KB)
G-06-10 Tent Permit Processing (PDF 92KB)
G-07-10 Change in State Surcharge Fee (PDF 43KB)
L-01-10 New Parking and Landscape Regulations (PDF 111KB)

2009 Bulletins

F-01-09 Light Weight Truss Rule (PDF 77KB)
G-02-09 Attaching a Sunroom or Screen Room to an Existing Host Structure (PDF 81KB)
G-04-09 Stucco Installation and Procedures (PDF 295KB)
G-05-09 180 Day List (PDF 64KB)
G-08-09 Pond Permitting (PDF 37KB)
L-01-09 Landscape Inspection of Irrigation System or Hose Bibs for Commercial Building Permits (PDF 67KB)
M-01-09 Matched Air Conditioning Systems and Duct Testing (PDF 72KB)
M-02-09 Use of Worst Case Scenario for HVAC Equipment Sizing in Dwellings, Superseded (PDF 39KB)
P-01-09 Residential Backflow Prevention Requirements (PDF 261KB)
S-01-09 Two Sign Contractor Issues, Revised (PDF 33KB)
SP-01-09 Revised Submittal and Inspection Requirements for Residential Swimming Pools and Spas (PDF 222KB)
SP-02-09 Revision to Simplified Total Dynamic Head Calculation Worksheet (PDF 360KB)
T-01-09 Mobile and Manufactured Home Permitting (PDF 293KB)

2008 Bulletins

G-01-08 Grading and Slab Elevation for In-Fill Lots (PDF 82KB)
G-02-08 Revised Policy for Residential Shed Permitting (PDF 75KB)
G-03-08 Notification from Other Approving Agencies (PDF 75KB)
G-04-08 Clarification of Roof Replacement Requirements for Single Family Structures (PDF 112KB)
G-06-08 Carbon Monoxide Protection (PDF 39KB)
G-07-08 New Policy for Small Residential Projects Walk-in Plan Review Service (PDF 38KB)
G-08-08 Documents Prepared Under a Design Professional’s Responsible Supervising Control (PDF 68KB)
G-10-08 Highlights of House Bill 697 (PDF 98KB)
G-11-08 Permit Requirements for High Rack Storage (PDF 70KB)
G-12-08 Falsification of Permit Application to Avoid Notice of Commencement (PDF 63KB)
G-13-08 Existing Building Code - Reroofing (PDF 65KB)
G-14-08 Permit Refunds (PDF 63KB)
G-15-08 Residential Existing Slab Affidavits (PDF 75KB)
G-16-08 Changes to the 180 Day Law (PDF 75KB)
G-17-08 Water and Sewer Line Installations Away From the Building (PDF 68KB)
M-02-08 Permit Requirements for Above and Below Ground Tanks, Superseded (PDF 38KB)
R-01-08 Change to Roofing Inspection Requirements (PDF 66KB)
S-01-08 Masonry Monument Signs and or Pole Signs that Include Masonry (PDF 64KB)
S-02-08 Setback Requirements For Signs (PDF 68KB)
S-03-08 Electrical Permit Requirements For Signs (PDF 68KB)

2007 Bulletins

G-02-07 Site Plan Submission for Fair Housing Projects (PDF 75KB)
G-05-07 Building Permit Requirement for Window and Door Replacement (PDF 63KB)
G-06-07 Commercial Dry-In Inspections (PDF 38KB)
G-07-07 Underground Fire Main Work, Superseded (PDF 181KB)
G-09-07 Window and Door Replacement Permit and Inspection Requirements (PDF 70KB)
G-16-07 Guidelines for Shell Building and Tenant Build-Out Permits (PDF 73KB)
G-19-07 Residential Building Code - Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings (PDF 63KB)
G-21-07 Footings Supported on Fill (PDF 110KB)
L-01-07 Standardization of Landscape Plan Submittals for Single Family Development (PDF 147KB)
S-01-07 Placement of Political Signs (PDF 94 KB)

2006 Bulletins

G-02-06 Residential Permits not Requiring an Inspection, Superseded (PDF 56KB)
G-04-06 Synthetic Stone (Superseded) (PDF 38KB)
G-05-06 Packaging of Drawings (PDF 64KB)
G-09-06 Procedure for Delay of Installation of Condensing Units for New Home Construction (PDF 65KB)
G-10-06 Zoning Code Interpretation – Setback Requirements for Swimming Pool Enclosure (PDF 77KB)
G-11-06 Lot Grading Verification Form (PDF 65KB)
G-16-06 Residential Dry-In Inspections (PDF 62KB)
G-18-06 Board of Architecture and Interior Design changes to FS 481 (PDF 67KB)
G-20-06 Converting Use Permits, Superseded (PDF 96KB)
S-01-06 Sign Plans Must be on Site for Inspection (PDF 61KB)

2005 Bulletins

G-03-05 Product Approval Information Sheet (PAIS) (PDF 122KB)
G-06-05 Temporary Tags for Exploratory Building Permits (PDF 101KB)
G-07-05 Walk-thru Plan Review for Commercial Projects Under $100,000 That Do Not Require Landscape Review (PDF 113KB)
G-11-05 Master Permitting Procedures for Residential Projects (PDF 564KB)
G-15-05 Clarification to Swimming Pool Location Requirements (PDF 135KB)
G-17-05 Plan Review Checklist Fire Suppression Systems (PDF 136KB)
G-18-05 Subject JEA Flat Rate Fee for Temporary Service for New Single Family Home Construction (PDF 123KB)
G-19-05 Clarification of Roofing Contractor Licensing Requirements (PDF 125KB)
L-03-05 Use of Certified Arborist for Protected Tree Exemptions (PDF 130KB)
P-01-05 Change to the Plumbing Code Affecting Shower Floors (PDF 124KB) 

2004 Bulletins

E-01-04 Meter Box Locations and Projections for Mobile and Manufactured Homes (PDF 149KB)
G-03-04 Insulation in One-sided Walls (PDF 130KB)
G-08-04 Clarification to Bulletin G-04-04 (Stucco) Applied to Masonry (PDF 148KB)
G-09-04 Footing and Monolithic Slab Requirements – Single Family Plans (PDF 131KB)
G-11-04 Owner’s Information Certificate (Fire Marshal) (PDF 186KB)
G-15-04 Alterations and Repair Permits Required ADA Compliance Documentation, Superseded (PDF 64KB)
G-19-04 Posting of Certification of Compliance for Termite Protection for Commercial projects (PDF 154KB)
G-25-04 Product Approval (PDF 131KB)
G-36-04 Revised TCO-PCO Procedures, Revised 10-09 (PDF 61KB) 
M-01-04 Minimum Return Air for Heat Pumps (PDF 194KB)

2003 Bulletins

G-03-03 New Required Inspections List (PDF 134KB)
G-08-03 Procedures for Obtaining Site Clearing Permits, Superseded (PDF 52KB)
G-09-03 Procedures for Closing out a Sign Permit with an Outstanding Electrical Requirement (PDF 150KB)
G-11-03 Accessible routes to Exits and Entrances for Site Development (PDF 128KB)
G-12-03 Accessibility and Break Rooms, Superseded (PDF 51KB)
G-15-03 Energy Sheet Clarifications (PDF 119KB)
G-17-03 Revision to Bulletin G-26-99 Monument Signs (PDF 114KB)
G-20-03 Changes to Rules Governing Truss Design Package (PDF 145KB)
G-23-03 Copies of Contracts for Fee Purposes (PDF 137KB)
G-24-03 Swimming Pool Alarms (PDF 136KB)
G-29-03 Revised 2-10-10 Demolition Permits (PDF 54KB)
G-30-03 Work Starting Before Permit Issuance (PDF 104KB)
L-01-03 Clearing for and use of Silt Fences for Tree Barricade (PDF 134KB)
S-01-03 Clarification of Signs at Service Stations and Convenience Stores Revised S-02-99 (PDF 130KB)

2002 Bulletins

G-04-02 Department of Agriculture Approved Termiticides Registered in Florida, Superseded (PDF 95KB)
G-18-02 Non-Structural Siding Licensure (PDF 185KB)
G-19-02 Permitting for Model Homes (PDF 188KB)
G-22-02 Revised Energy Sheets (PDF 193KB)
G-24-02 Energy Sheets Submittal (PDF 189KB)
G-26-02 Appliance Installation in Private Garages (PDF 188KB)
G-28-02 Threshold Inspection Reporting (PDF 188KB)
G-31-02 Correspondence with the Building Inspection Division (PDF 189KB)
G-32-02 Minimum Occupant Loads, Revised (PDF 52KB)
G-34-02 Residential Inspection Procedures (PDF 202KB)
P-03-02 Acceptance of Piping Materials and Installation of Polyethylene Pipe for Use in Domestic Sewers (PDF 146KB)
S-05-02 Sign Face Changes (PDF 185KB)
SP-02-02 Clarification on Door Requirements (PDF 109KB)

2001 Bulletins

G-04-01 Plan Sizes for Residential Submittal (PDF 121KB)
G-06-01 Construction Trailers (PDF 122KB)
G-07-01 Tent Permitting, Superseded (PDF 33KB)
G-08-01 Leased or Rental Property (PDF 123KB)
G-09-01 Minimum Shear Wall Framing Requirements, Superseded (PDF 45KB)
G-11-01 Permitting of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) (PDF 122KB)
G-12-01 Additional Threshold Inspection Requirements (PDF 132KB)
G-14-01 Permitting of Miscellaneous Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Work, Superseded (PDF 49KB)
G-16-01 Slab Repair and Replacement Information (PDF 120KB)
G-20-01 Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (TCOs) (PDF 120KB)
G-21-01 Roofing and Reroofing Permits (PDF 119KB)
G-22-01 Applicability of Residential Drawings for Building Permit (PDF 126KB)
G-35-01 120 MPH Wind-Borne Debris Line and Passive Radon Area, Superseded (PDF 82KB)
L-02-01 Ordinance 2001-161-E Invasive and Nuisance Species, Superseded (PDF 38KB)
L-04-01 Tree Barricades - Residential Subdivisions (PDF 118KB)
MH-01-01 Mobile Homes for Display (PDF 120KB)
P-01-01 Applicability of Residential Drawings for Building Permit (PDF 118KB)
S-01-01 Sign Permitting Changes, Updated (PDF 31KB)
S-02-01 Sign Ordinance Interpretation – Section 326.104 (h) (PDF 121KB)
SP-01-01 Closing Out Swimming Pool Permits (PDF 143KB)
SP-03-01 New Swimming Pool Code, Superseded (PDF 78 KB)

2000 Bulletins

G-15-00 Revised Elevation Certificate (PDF 105KB)
G-16-00 Septic Tanks and Drainfields (PDF 102KB)
G-19-00 Partial Responses to Plan Review Comments (PDF 105KB)
G-21-00 Anchor Bolt Retrofit (PDF 104KB)
G-23-00 Clarification for Residential Windows in Sleeping Rooms, Superseded  (PDF 33KB)
G-24-00 Rated Wall Inspections, Superseded (PDF 33KB)
G-27-00 Change of Contractor, Superseded (PDF 34KB)
G-28-00 Duplicate Copy of Contractor City Identification Number (PDF 106KB)
G-29-00 License Renewal Requirements, Updated (PDF 28KB)
G-30-00 Form Board Elevations (PDF 145KB)
G-31-00 Borates as Primary Termite Treatment, Superseded  (PDF 36KB)
G-35-00 Revised 9-22-09 Minimum Drawing Standards Required for Building Plans Examining Submittal (PDF 243KB)

1999 Bulletins

E-2-99 Pictures on File Conduit Inspection (PDF 108KB)
G-7-99 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Rule 4910, Superseded (PDF 20KB)
G-14-99 Notarization of Permit Applications (PDF 63KB)
G-15-99 Roofing Contractor Eligibility (PDF 67KB)
G-20-99 Policy and Procedures to Close Out a Permit when Homeowner Refuses Entry, Revised (PDF 96KB)
G-21-99 Film for Safety Glazing (PDF 65KB)
G-26-99 Permit Requirements for Masonry Walls and Masonry Monument Signs, Revised (PDF 42KB)
MH-02-99 Mobile Home Notice of Commencement Requirements (PDF 107KB)
P-01-99 Irrigation Contracting (PDF 106KB)
P-02-99 Sewage Ejector System-Residential Applications (PDF 106KB)
SP-02-99 Pool Fencing (PDF 128KB)

1998 Bulletins

G-3-98 FEMA Elevations, Superseded (PDF 50KB)
G-7-98 Requirements for Signing, Sealing and Submittal of Construction Documents, Superseded (PDF 118KB)
G-13-98 Residential Woodburning Fireplaces Permits and Inspections (PDF 96 KB)
G-14-98 House Moving Permits Involving Trees in the Right of Way (PDF 100KB)