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2020 Bulletins

Bulletin M-01-20
Subject: Property Owner Request for Inspection Exemption for Replacement of One- and Two-family HVAC Equipment – Updated Process and Request Form
Effective Date: February 10, 2020
Summary: In accordance with Florida Statute 553.80(3)(b), one- and two-family home owners may request an exemption of the required inspections for the replacement of existing electrical HVAC for projects that cost less than $5,000.  Please note there is no fee for this request.
This Exemption Request form can be obtained by emailing Ricky Weeks ( or Rafeal Grundy ( in the Mechanical Inspection section of the Building Inspection Division. The new Exemption Request form (revised 1/28/2020) must be used to make an inspection exemption request for any permit pulled after February 10, 2020.