Scott has lived in Jacksonville for over 40 years after his family relocated to the city to open a small business. Growing up in Jacksonville, Scott worked his way through the public school system, while playing sports and participating in after school programs.  

Scott has spent his life and career dedicated to public service. At the age of 18, he began his career at the City of Jacksonville working in the Public Parking Division.  Six years later, Scott was hired by the former Clerk of the Court, the Honorable Henry Cook, to serve in the Clerk’s Office while he attended Florida State College of Jacksonville. During his 13 year tenure at the Clerk’s Office, Scott tested through the ranks, attaining the position as Court Operations Supervisor, the highest civil service rank in the Office.   While Scott was Operational Manager, the Center for Prevention against Domestic Violence received the Governor’s Peace at Home Award presented by the Honorable Governor Jeb Bush. In 2007, Scott left the Clerk’s Office to take a position as Executive Council Assistant (ECA) for District 4. As an ECA, he worked on significant issues affecting the District and City. After serving 8 years as an ECA, Scott knew the community needed a leader that understood the important issues concerning the District and constituents.

After a successful campaign, Scott took office on July 1st, 2015. For the 2015-2016 Council year, Scott was chosen as chairman for the Land Use and Zoning Committee (LUZ), to serve on the Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee (TEU), and to serve as the Council liaison for the Northeast Florida Regional Transportation Council (RTC). Throughout his first year, Scott focused on redevelopment in the district, infrastructure improvements in the District- including new sidewalks and repairs and road repaving- better transportation and road systems, bringing new business and jobs to District 4 and Jacksonville, keeping our parks clean, open and safe and equal opportunities for the citizens living in District 4. 

As a rookie Councilman, Scott was awarded the Mary Singleton Award for Outstanding Committee Chair for his role as Chairman of LUZ.

For his second year on Council, Scott was chosen by Council President Lori Boyer to Chair a newly formed Committee: Neighborhoods, Community Investment and Services Committee (NCIS), to serve on the Rules Committee, to serve on the Election Canvassing Board for the General Election and as the Council liaison for the Mayor’s Fitness & Well Being Council. Scott continues to push for equal opportunities for the citizens and businesses of District 4 and the City of Jacksonville.