City Council Committees, Boards, and Commissions

The Standing Committees of the Jacksonville City Council meet the first and third week of each month in the Council Chamber, 1st Floor, City Hall at St. James, 117 W. Duval St.  The Special Committees, Boards and Commissions meet as noticed.

Committee Roster (90k PDF) - Revised 1/22/2019

Standing Committees

Finance Committee
Land Use & Zoning Committee 
Neighborhoods, Community Services, Public Health & Safety Committee
Rules Committee
Transportation, Energy & Utilities Committee

Special Committees

Charter Revision Commission
Personnel Committee
Special Committee on Historical Remembrance
Special Committee on Solid Waste
Special Committee on the Opioid Epidemic
Task Force on Safety & Crime Reduction

Council Boards & Commissions

Duval County Election Advisory Panel
Jacksonville Waterways Commission 
TRUE Commission
Value Adjustment Board

Ordinance 2018-536-E established the Duval County Tourist Development Council as an independent office. For meeting information and records regarding this board please visit the TDC homepage at: Duval County Tourist Development Council

For a complete list of the Advisory Boards of the City of Jacksonville click City Boards.
To apply for a City Council appointment, click City Council Appointments.

Past Special & Ad Hoc Committees

For information on special committees that have reached their sunset date please click Past Special Committees.

Special Assignments

Chaplain - Matt Schellenberg
Floor Leader - Greg Anderson

Ex-Officio Members/Liaisons

The Council President has selected the following Council Members to serve as liaisons between the City Council and various governmental entities in order to maintain effective communication and provide the best possible service to the public.

  • Cultural Council - John Crescimbeni
  • Downtown Development Review Board - Reggie Gaffney & Greg Anderson
  • Downtown Investment Authority - Reggie Gaffney, Lori Boyer (Alternate)
  • Downtown Vision - Lori Boyer
  • Election Canvassing Board - Anna Lopez Brosche & TBD (Alternate)
  • Florida Association of Counties - Matt Schellenberg & Garrett Dennis
  • Florida League of Cities - Sam Newby
  • Group Health Benefits Special Committee - Danny Becton
  • Jacksonville Aviation Authority - Randy White
  • Jacksonville Fire Museum Advisory Board - Randy White
  • Jacksonville Housing & Community Development Commission - Garrett Dennis 
  • Jacksonville Housing Authority - Garrett Dennis
  • Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority - TBD
  • Jacksonville Police & Fire Pension Board of Trustees - Greg Anderson
  • Jacksonville Port Authority - Bill Gulliford 
  • Jacksonville Transportation Authority - Sam Newby 
  • JEA - Matt Schellenberg 
  • Joint Planning Committee - Tommy Hazouri 
  • Juvenile Justice Advisory Board - Joyce Morgan
  • Keep Jacksonville Beautiful - Joyce Morgan
  • Kids Hope Alliance - Sam Newby
  • Library Board - Tommy Hazouri & Jim Love
  • Mayor's Council on Fitness & Well-Being - Scott Wilson 
  • Military/Veterans Affairs - Al Ferraro & Jim Love (Alternate)
  • N/E Florida Regional Council - John Crescimbeni & Bill Gulliford
  • N/E Florida Regional Transportation Commission - Bill Gulliford 
  • Office of Economic Development - Matt Schellenberg 
  • Public Service Grant Council - Joyce Morgan 
  • Renew Arlington CRA Advisory Board - Joyce Morgan
  • School Board - Tommy Hazouri
  • Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning Council - Aaron Bowman
  • Sister Cities - Joyce Morgan
  • Sheriff's Office - Tommy Hazouri 
  • Transportation Planning Org. - Lori N. Boyer, Randy White, Sam Newby & Garrett Dennis (Alternate)
  • Tree Commission - John Crescimbeni
  • Zoological Society - Al Ferraro & Lori Boyer (Alternate)