Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Oversight

Jacksonville has a very strong commitment to ethics in city government.

Ethics is defined as the study of the general nature of morals and moral choices to be made by the individual in his or her relationships with others. Ethics is more than the avoidance of criminal behavior. It is a commitment for public servants to take individual responsibility in creating a government that has the trust and respect of its citizens.

In 1999, the Jacksonville City Council enacted a comprehensive Ethics Code for the city. The Code assembled ethics-related ordinances into one location within the Jacksonville Ordinance Code and established aspirational goals for the conduct of city employees.

Jacksonville's Ethics Program is innovative. Instead of just emphasizing laws, it attempts to train all city employees in the values behind the rules and regulations. Training for elected officials is organized through the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight with the assistance of the Office of General Counsel. In addition, every department has a Department Ethics Officer who reports to the city's Ethics Officer(s) and assists with the ongoing training of all city employees.

The Ethics Coordination Council

Ethics Coordination CouncilCity of Jacksonville, Florida

First Citywide Ethics Plan

The Ethics Coordination Council is made up of ethics representatives from the Independent Authorities, Constitutional Officers, the Executive and Legislative branches and the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight, which coordinates its activities. The first citywide ethics plan, required by the Ethics Code, can be viewed at:
  1. 2013 First Citywide Ethics Plan
  2. Attachment 1: The Survey
  3. Attachment 2: Tax Collector’s Ethics Manual
  4. Attachment 3: Property Appraiser’s Ethics Policy
  5. Powerpoint (Ethics Risk Assessment)
  6. Powerpoint (National Ethics Program standards)


Free Course on Jacksonville City Government

This course was developed by the Jacksonville League of Women Voters and covers basic information about our city government, including how to navigate City Council's website and other basic information that all Jacksonville residents should know! Download the course now.

Hotline: (904) 630-1015

Hotline telephoneFor more information on the hotline, go to Ethics Hotline and Whistleblower Protection

For Hotline Inquiries, please note, under the Hotline procedures, persons investigating or working on cases cannot confirm or deny the existence of an on-going case or discuss any details of the case outside of what is authorized in the hotline procedures.


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'State' of Ethics Report: A Summary of Florida and U.S. Cities Ethics Programs (July 2010)

For more information about the city's Ethics Program, please contact us.

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