City of Jacksonville Retirement System

The Retirement System Pension Office administers the General Employees Pension Plan (GEPP) and the Corrections Officers Pension Plan (COPP). The office processes members' requests and retirement information, as well as services for all existing retirees.

We are dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction and helping members understand their retirement benefits. We welcome suggestions on improvements to our services or additions to this website.

Retirement System Pension Office

City Hall, St. James Building
117 West Duval Street, Suite 330
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Phone: (904) 255-7280
FAX: (904) 588-0524 



Retirees receiving a pension can now go to to Sign-Up and access all of their pension payment information anytime! 

Just carefully the follow the First Time Login Instructions to establish your login and then you will have easy access to your information.  You can view details about your pension payments, print pay-stubs and more.

We will be working to add new features to the pension portal so stay tuned.