Adminral Victor GuilloryDirector

Military and Veterans Affairs Department

Welcome to the City of Jacksonville, Military Affairs and Veteran (MAV) Department. We have an amazing and talented team of professionals who are dedicated to providing you with timely and competent services and answers to your questions. 
The MAV team functions within the following three priorities:
  • First, we are an advocate for the expansion of military infrastructure, personnel, and jobs within the City of Jacksonville and throughout the NE Florida.  As the Director of MAV department, I am a cabinet-level member and a direct report to Mayor Alvin Brown. The department team works closely with military, business, community, and elected leaders at the local, state, and national levels to deliver a compelling message that Jacksonville is the most Military-Friendly City in the United States and that Jacksonville is strategically important to the security posture of the nation.
  • Second, the MAV department is committed to delivering timely and competent services to our large and growing Veteran community. MAVDS staff is ready to assist Veterans, their survivors and their care-givers who seek access to pensions, healthcare, disability ratings, GI Bill, and other earned benefits.
  • Third, the MAV department sponsors and promotes city-wide events to publically recognize the service and sacrifice of the military men and women serving at area installations, and the alrge and growing Veterans population in Jacksonville and across Northeast Florida. 
Thank you again for visiting the City of Jacksonville, Military Affairs and Veteran Department website. Please contact us at one of the following numbers, or visit our offices in City Hall, if we can be of any assistance.
Military Affair matters: (904) 630-3621
Veteran Services: (904) 630-3680
Thank You.
Rear Admiral (ret) V.G. Guillory

City Hall at St. James Building
117 W. Duval St., Suite 175
(904) 630-3680