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Jacksonville has the largest park system in North America maintaining over 300 public and recreational spaces. At Jacksonville's parks you can enjoy a wide range of exciting and engaging experiences. There are traditional neighborhood and regional parks as well as 22 Community Centers conveniently located throughout the city. Come make some memories here!
Jacksonville residents have the opportunity to enjoy one of the largest urban park systems in the nation; and with expanding access, enhanced programs and supportive leadership our parks are only getting better.

Come Play With Us!

Summer Night Lights

June 15 - August 4, 2018
Fridays 7 to 10 p.m.
Saturdays 7 to 11 p.m.

The Summer Night Lights Program (SNL) is a youth anti-gang, anti-crime initiative, implemented and managed by the City of Jacksonville Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department. Its primary goal is to assist in reducing the crime rates in at-risk communities served by the program that will enhance the overall quality of life.
The program provides jobs to teens that live within the communities (Teen Squad) and engages others in social recreation activities and structured life-enhancing workshops. Our workshops will educate participants on health, wellness and social skills, while our social recreation and sports activities will help promote active life styles.  
Some of the unique offerings at this year’s SNL locations include (video) game trucks, movie nights and teen focused interactive inflatables.   
The Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office (JSO) has been a major program partner since the inception of SNL providing officers at each of SNL location engaging with SNL participants.
This year’s partners include:

  • Justified Services – a program that encourages young people to reach their full potential creating a positive, fun and safe environment through dance, music, sports and mentoring.  They providing “Real Talk” breakout sessions and group discussion on current relative issues affecting today’s inner city youth.
  • Jump4Jax an interactive “Double Dutch” jump rope squad, teaching kids different jump rope techniques
  • One Step Up – offering life skills and training and interactive recreation activities
  • Junior Achievement – providing youth “Money Matters” classes
  • Champaint – Fine arts and mural painting classes
  • Chartwell Food Services – providing a healthy full-dinner every Friday night
  • Mobile PAL – Interacting with JSO officers and offering life skills in a positive setting
All of the services are FREE to all participants

  • Emmett Reed Community Center – 1093 6th Street,
  • Clanzel T Brown Park – Moncrief Road
  • Mary Lena Gibbs Park– Wilson Blvd
  • Cuba Hunter Park – Bedford Rd off Emerson
In addition to programming at the center we have a number of swimming pools offering night swimming they include:
  • Charles Clark Park– Sibbald Rd.
  • Harts Road  - Harts Rd.
  • Thomas Jefferson in Marietta – Jackson Ave.
  • Woodland Acres – Kona Ave
  • CT Brown – Moncrief Rd
  • RF Kennedy – Ionia Street
Rec N' Roll

School is out, but fun is in!  Enjoy games, activities, sports, and more in a safe place this summer.

June 11 - August 3, 2018
Monday - Friday 
10 am - 6:30 pm
Ages 5-12


  • Adolph Wurn Park - 2115 Dean Rd., 32216
  • Bruce Park - 6549 Arlington Rd., 32211
  • Clanzel T. Brown Park - 4575 Moncrief Rd., 32209
  • Crabtree Park - 1704 University Blvd. West, 32217
  • Grunthal Park - 1660 West 13th St. - 32209
  • Henry L. Brown Kooker Park - 1400 East 20th St., 32206
  • Johnnie Walker Park - 2500 West 20th St., 32209
  • Julius Guinyard Park - 1359 Jefferson St., 32209
  • JS Johnson Park/Brooklyn Park - 1112 Jackson St., 32204
  • Lewis Cobb - 4511 Portsmouth Dr., 32208
  • Sweetwater Playground - 7220 Esther St., 32210
  • Warrington Park - 325 North Bowlan St., 32216
  • Woodstock Park - 2839 West Beaver St., 32209
  • Yancey Park - 3352 Soutel Dr., 32208


JaxParks Directory & Activities Guide
As the largest park system in America, JaxParks maintains nearly 400 parks and recreational spaces offering you the opportunity for a wide range of exciting and memorable experiences. In addition to traditional neighborhood and regional parks, our park spaces include 22 Community Centers conveniently located throughout the city. You can explore the mystery and beauty of nature at any of our 15 Environmental Parks. Pursue your personal fitness goals by working out at one of several JaxParks Fitness Centers and Gymnasiums or swimming at one of our more than 30 Swimming Pools. JaxParks is also home to seven Specialty Parks, each boasting its own unique attractions including hiking and biking trails, a dedicated skateboarding facility, camping areas, waterfront amenities and even a museum. It is our sincere hope that you and your family find the time to take full advantage of everything JaxParks has to offer!