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Aquatics Programs and Summer Schedule

Summer Pool Schedule
1 - 6 p.m. Monday - Friday; 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday; 2 - 6 p.m. Sunday

Preseason: May 24 - June 1: weekends only
Memorial Day - Monday, May 26: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Season: June 7 - Aug. 15 Seven days
Post Season: Aug. 16 - 31 Weekends only
Labor Day - Monday, Sept. 1: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Fees: $60 per two week session.
Classes taught Monday-Thursday, Fridays are make-up days as needed.

Swim Lesson FAQ
Swim Lesson Registration Form

Aqua Babies - ages 6 months to 3 years
*Cecil Aquatics Center only*Aqua Babies Registration Form

Aqua Tots- ages 3 to 5
Participants learn basic swimming and water safety skills.
Level A- ages 2 to 4, new to aquatics experience
Level B- ages 3 to 5, comfortable in water

Youth Swim- ages 5 to 13
Participants are placed in classes based on skill level. Activities range from water acclimation to competitive swimming strokes.

Teen Swim- ages 13 to 18
Same as youth swim.

Adult Swim- ages 21 and up
Placement is based on skill level and water acclimation.

JaxParks Swim Teams

The swim team experience is offered at JaxParks pools throughout the county. New participants are required to take a JaxParks swim test before registering for a team.
Swim Team FAQ   /   Swim Team Registration Form

Ocean Camp

Participants explore the waters and shoreline at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. Activities include surfing, sand castle art, beach art, volleyball and environmental adventures. Campers must pass a preregistration swim test administered by JaxParks.
Ocean Camp FAQ   /   Ocean Camp Registration Form

Aqua Camp

Campers experience what it's like to be part of a lifeguard team by learning rescue techniques, basic CPR and first aid skills. Other activities include water polo, water basketball, some field sports and experience trips!

Aqua Camp FAQ
Aqua Camp Registration Form

Resources and Contact

JaxParks Office 

Waterproof Jacksonville
Public Swimming Facilities
Lifeguard Training Schedule

Popular Links:

JaxParks TV
Hanna Park
Huguenot Memorial Park
Cecil Recreation Complex
Trail Maps

JaxParks Admin Office
214 N. Hogan St., 3rd Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32202

More Information ...

Andrew Jackson H.S. Pool
(Map)128 W. 30th St., 630-0281

Baldwin H.S. Pool
(Map345 Chestnut St., 266-2478

Carvill Pool, 8793 Carvill Ave.
(Map) 768-6422 

Cecil Aquatics Center
(Map)13611-A Normandy Blvd., 573-8994

Charles Clark Pool
(Map)8793 Sibbald Road, (904) 768-6422

Clanzel T. Brown Pool
(Map) 4415 Moncrief Road, (904) 768-1330

Ed White H.S. Pool
(Map) 1700 Old Middleburg Road, 783-4958

Emmett Reed Pool
(Map)1093 Sixth St., 630-0829

Englewood H.S. Pool
(Map)4412 Barnes Road, 448-689

Eugene Butler M.S. Pool
(Map) 900 Acorn St., 630-0322

Fletcher H.S. Pool
(Map)700 Seagate Ave., 247-6327

Forrest H.S. Pool
(Map)5530 Firestone Road, 573-2485

Fort Caroline Pool
(Map) 131 Ferber Road, 744-5612

Grand Park Pool (Map)
2740 Division St., 630-0282

Harts Road Pool (Map)
11597 Harts Road, 696-2000

Highlands M.S. Pool (Map)
10913 Pine Estates Road, 751-1533

Julius Guinyard Pool (Map) 
1358 Jefferson St, 630-0994

Lakeshore M.S. Pool (Map)
2519 Bayview Road, 387-1772

Mallison Pool (Map)
3133 Lenox Ave., 388-2639

Mandarin H.S. Pool (Map)
4831 Greenland Road, 292-1541

Oceanway Pool (Map)
12215 Sago Ave. W., 757-8704

Paxon H.S. Pool (Map)
3239 West Fifth St., 783-0377

Pine Forest Pool (Map)
2335 Gattis Lane, 398-0591

Raines H.S. Pool (Map)
3663 Raines Ave., 765-0920

Ribault H.S. Pool (Map)
5820 Van Gundy St., 766-5319

Robert E. Lee H.S. Pool (Map)
1200 S. McDuff Ave., 387-6959

Robert F. Kennedy Pool (Map)
1139 Ionia St., 630-0939

San Souci Pool (Adolph Wurn Park) (Map)
2115 Dean Road, 724-8218

Sandalwood H.S. Pool (Map) 
2750 John Prom Blvd., 642-5900

Sunny Acres Pool (Map)
9429 Merrill Road, 641-7694 

Terry Parker H.S. Pool (Map)
7301 Parker School Road, 723-6144

Thomas Jefferson E.S. Pool (Map)
390 N. Jackson Ave., 783-2540

Wolfson H.S. Pool (Map)
7000 Powers Ave., 448-6894

Woodland Acres Pool (Map)
8200 Kona Ave., 724-6169

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Notice: Fort Caroline Pool and Julius Guinyard Pool are expected to reopen summer 2014. 

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