Council Members Participate in 2004 River Run

March 10, 2004  

Jacksonville's City Council Members Sharon Copeland, District 6; Jerry Holland, District 3; Lake Ray, District 1; Daniel Davis, District 13; Reggie Fullwood, District 9; and Kevin Hyde, At-Large, Group 4; will participate in the annual Gate River Run on behalf of the Jacksonville City Council, this Saturday, March 13, 2004, beginning at 8:30 a.m. at Alltel Stadium.

Councilman Holland said, 'We have an energized group here that looks forward to taking on this challenge. Since the first race in 1978, the River Run has offered something to those that come to watch as well - an all-round exciting race.'

Councilwoman Copeland added, 'Plus you never know who you'll see. I hope everyone comes out to support those walkers and runners who participate this year. Over the past 25 years Jacksonville has witnessed a wide range of champions. From experienced, extraordinary athletes such as Todd Williams (five-time men's River Run champion and American record breaker) and Denna Drossin (four-time women's River Run champion and record breaker) who have laid their claim on the finish line to the many others who struggled to complete their first race by pushing through when every fiber in them wants to quit. Regardless of the time across the finish line, all who attempt the River Run exhibit the true spirit of a champion!'

The public is encouraged to attend.