Office of the City Council
117 W. Duval Street
City Hall, Suite 425
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Office: (904) 255-5122 [for legislative issues only, for general matters please contact (904)-630-CITY]
FAX: (904) 255-5232
TTY: (904) 255-5223

Organizational Chart - Revised 6/3/2022
City Council Phone Directory - Revised 5/23/2022
Council Committee Roster - Revised 4/5/2022
Council Member & Assistant Roster - Revised 3/28/2022

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Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address published, do not send electronic mail to City Council Members or staff. Instead, contact the City Council by phone or in writing.

Margaret M. "Peggy" Sidman, Director/Council Secretary or (904) 255-5133

The Office of the Council Secretary is a department of the legislative branch of government. The Director/Council Secretary is the head of the department, and is responsible for all matters of staff support for the Council. This office includes four divisions: Administrative Services Division, Legislative Services Division, Public Information Division and Research Division.

The Director/Council Secretary is responsible for all divisions and functions of the department and exercises direct control and supervision over all department staff, including chiefs; but excluding the Executive Council Assistants.

The Director/Council Secretary is charged to do the following:

  • Provide and maintain budget preparation for the Council Staff Services Budget;
  • Refer requests for information to agencies within City government;
  • Arrange for public broadcast of Council meetings and selected proceedings, either through contract with a third-party provider, or through in-house systems installed in Council meeting areas;
  • Keep the records of the Council and be the official signatory and perform all duties, which are assigned by the Charter or by law;
  • Maintain the offices, chambers, committee rooms and conference rooms of the City Council;
  • Provide clerical and secretarial assistance to Council Committees and subcommittees and to boards and commissions that function as an extension of the Council;
  • Provide, maintain, and update the official legislative files, committee calendars and Council Agenda, and other documents necessary to the conduct of legislative business, and be responsible for all official records of the legislative branch of government;
  • Provide the Council, its committees and members, with information, data and policy analysis, necessary to the proper conduct of legislative business;
  • Responsible for all equipment as assigned and maintained by the City Council.

Yvonne P. Mitchell, Chief of Administrative Services or (904) 255-5171

This division is charged with administrative support of the Council, including:

  • maintaining all personnel, payroll and purchasing files and records;
  • coordinating the procurement, maintenance and repair of various equipment, including computers, printers, pagers, cellular phones, furniture, etc.;
  • preparing periodic budget reports;
  • processing travel documents;
  • processing/payment of dues and subscriptions, printing requests, rentals and leases;
  • issuing parking cards and decals for City Hall parking garage spaces;
  • maintaining the physical facilities and meeting spaces within the Council suite and developing a system to provide for their usage;
  • staffing of the Council reception area;
  • supervision of civil service Council Aides.

Merriane G. Lahmeur, Chief of Legislative Services or (904) 255-5169

This division is charged with the responsibility of handling all technical and legislative functions associated with the City Council, including:

  • electronic tracking of legislation from introduction through final action;
  • preparing preliminary and marked Council and Committee agendas (reflecting action taken);
  • noticing, providing pertinent information and staffing of all standing committee meetings and subcommittees;
  • maintaining files of all ordinances and resolutions enacted or adopted by the Council;
  • placing the official seal of the City of Jacksonville on ordinances, resolutions and other official documents;
  • staffing Council meetings.

Jeff Clements, Chief of Research or (904) 255-5137

This division is charged with supporting the policy-making process of the Council, including:

  • preparing a summary of each bill introduced into Council
  • professional staffing of standing, select and special committees of the Council;
  • preparing informative material on matters of interest to the Council (as a whole or individual members) or relevant to proposed legislation;
  • conducting research on emerging issues;
  • maintaining the Council Library;
  • drafting resolutions for Council members;
  • preparing a reference sheet for each Council meeting that explains amendments and substitutes (known as the 'blue sheet');
  • providing a clipping service of local periodicals/publications and maintaining clip files;
  • maintaining a listing of the members of the Council's boards and commissions.