Welcome to the Public Nuisance Abatement Board website. The Board was created to address and reduce nuisance activities and/or nuisance conditions that disrupt the quality of life and repeatedly occur or exist at properties within the City of Jacksonville. Pursuant to the City's police powers, public nuisance properties are hereby declared to constitute a public nuisance and are subject to enforcement and abatement as described in Chapter 672-Public Nuisance Abatement Board.

The Board serves as a quasi-judicial forum in which a determination regarding the existence of public nuisance conduct may be resolved in the public interest with due process of law.

Citizen Complaints: Citizen complaints can be made by a property or business owner located within one mile of any location to allege that a particular property is a public nuisance. The Sheriff shall investigate all complaints made pursuant to Chapter 672 to determine whether such property constitutes a public nuisance and whether to refer such property to the Board. All final determinations regarding citizen complaints shall be communicated to the complainant by the Sheriff.

Property or business owners located with one mile radius can report nuisance property complaints as follow: Telephone (904) 630-2129; or Email JSO Nuisance Property to lodge a complaint.

Legislative Authority: Chapter 672 - Public Nuisance Abatement Board

Meeting Dates: When the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel, believes that a public nuisance as defined in section 672.04 exists, he or she will request the Board Clerk to prepare a case folder for a complaint and request a hearing before the Board. Board hearings are scheduled at least 15 calendar days prior to the meeting date. Meetings are held monthly, as needed, and are open to the public. Schedule changes will be announced in accordance with Florida's Sunshine Law.

Meeting Location
Jacksonville City Hall 
117 W. Duval St. 
Mezzanine Floor, Exam Rm 3
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Board Members:

The Board shall consist of nine members. Except as modified by Chapter 672, the members of the Board shall be appointed pursuant to and be governed by Chapter 50, Ordinance Code. 
Name Category
James Ricks, Assistant Chief Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Richard A. Reichard, Assistant Chief Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department
Randy Wishard, Chief Neighborhoods Department employee
Adam Edgecombe, Esq. Florida Bar licensed attorney
Mansel Carter Developer, property manager or realtor with extensive experience
with multi-family residential property operations
Paul Thomas Developer, property manager or realtor with extensive experience
with commercial property operations
Scott Turner Public health services or child protective services
Josh Cockrell Community Advocate
Alex Moye Community Advocate

Contact Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Kimberly Harris   Board Clerk   (904) 255-7000  pnaboardclerk@coj.net

Media Inquiries:

As a friendly reminder, please contact media@coj.net for interviews and all other media inquiries.

Notice of Public Meeting:

Notice is hereby given that on Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. the Public Nusiance Abatement Board of the City of Jacksonville will hold an in-person meeting at 117 West Duval Street, Mezzanine Floor Exam Rm 3, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Meeting Minutes: