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The Planning and Development Department manages existing and future development and administers local, state and federal funds designated for housing and community development within the City of Jacksonville. Matters pertaining to zoning, the comprehensive plan, concurrency, land use, inspections, building codes, and the implementation of programs and activities such as home ownership, rental and owner-occupied housing rehabilitation, public facilities and improvements and assistance to the homeless and persons with HIV/AIDS all fall within the purview of this department. While its responsibilities are varied, the department ensures that development and the implementation of programs and activities in Jacksonville occurs in a logical, safe, orderly and fair manner. 

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  • The Building Inspection Division is responsible for vertical construction permitting, building inspections, inspections of permitted construction, and floodplain management.
  • The Current Planning Division is responsible for zoning interpretation and review of zoning applications; Administrative Deviations, Exceptions, Variances, Waivers, Conventional Rezonings, and Planned Unit Development (PUDs).
  • The Community Planning Division is responsible for the Comprehensive Plan, land use amendments, Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs), historic preservation, and neighborhood planning.
  • The Development Services Division handles site plan review, addressing, right-of-way permitting, transportation planning, concurrency/mobility, and other issues.
  • The Housing and Community Development Division administers local, state and federal funds designated for housing and community development.  The Division plans, develops and implements programs and activities that meet identified needs in the community such as home ownership, rental and owner-occupied housing rehabilitation, public facilities and improvements and assistance to the homeless and persons with HIV/AIDS.  Programs managed by the Housing and Community Development Division include:  Community Development, Home Buyer Assistance, Home Repair Assistance, Affordable Housing Assistance and Housing Counseling Assistance.  For more information, contact (904) 255-8200
  • The Transportation Planning Division focuses on transportation policy, planning and development activities and is a key participant in coordinating land use and transportation issues related to land development in the City of Jacksonville through elements of the Comprehensive Plan, as well as the City's overall mobility needs.

Land Use and Zoning Application Portal

This portal allows on-line submittal of Land Use and Zoning Applications, related planner administration, case tracking and case documentation. Click here to go to the Land Use and Zoning Application Portal.

Plans and Studies

Click here for Plans and Studies

Neighborhood Organizations

The City of Jacksonville has a number of ways in which neighborhood organizations can receive information concerning zoning changes. Ordinance 1999-358-E, signed into law Feb. 6, 2000, provides the details. Notices of all zoning changes and land use amendments are sent to Citizen Planning Advisory Committees for comments in their respective planning areas. Individual neighborhood associations, groups or organizations registered with the Planning and Development Department (PDD) also receive notices. To register with the PDD, neighborhood groups or associations should fill out this form: Directory Sign-up, Update and Registration Form (Microsoft Word .doc). Use this form to sign up for listing an organization in the directory, to update an existing listing and to register to be notified about rezonings and land use amendments in your neighborhood. For more information call (904) 255-8237.

If you have questions concerning neighborhood zoning notification registration, please contact the Housing and Community Development Division.

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