About the Commission

The Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for review of certain Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) applications and for recommending the designation of local landmarks and districts to the City Council.  The Commission is comprised of seven (7) individuals appointed by the Mayor.  The membership includes both historic district residents, architects, lawyers, preservationists, and members of the construction trade.

The Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission is considered a Certified Local Government (CLG). As a part of the CLG specifications, the Historic Preservation Staff and Commission are required to report annual activities.

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City of Jacksonville, Historic Preservation Commission Annual Reports

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Dates

Meeting time is at 3:00 p.m. and are held in Conference Room 1002, Ed Ball Building, 1st Floor; 214 North Hogan Street; Jacksonville, FL 32202. 

Please call (904) 255-7800 for more information.

Please call (904) 255-7858 for application deadline.


David B. Case, Chairman
Mr. Case is an architect and is employed by Richard Skinner & Associates. He is also a LEED AP®. He has served on the Commission since 2008.

Cora J. Hackley, Secretary
Mrs. Hackley is an educator and is employed by the Duval County School Board where she currently serves in the role of Volunteer Liaison.  She has served on the Commission since 2012.

John Allmand
 Mr. Allmand is an architect and is also a LEED AP®. He also serves as the current President of the Murray Hill Preservation Association. He has served on the Commission since 2010 

Searcy Carr Dannheim
Using her training and experience in public health and wellness, Searcy Carr Dannheim is currently directing efforts to establish a local branch of the Peabody McCoy foundation dedicated to the health promotion and well-being of at-risk youth.  Her interest in historic preservation results from a long history of preservation efforts in her native state of Alabama and revitalizing historic urban core communities. She has served on the Commission since 2015.

P. Ryan Davis - Mr. Davis is a home builder and remodeler who lives in the San Marco area. His company, Piper Homes, performs work in Jacksonville's historic neighborhoods and the surrounding areas. He has served on the Commission since 2017. 

Jack C. Demetree, III  Mr. Demetree is an associate at Demetree Brothers.  Demetree Brothers is a  full service real estate development and property manager based in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Andres Lopera  Mr. Lopera is a Structural Engineer and designs residential and commercial buildings.  In addition to design work, he provides expert reports on construction defect cases and property damage insurance claims.  Mr. Lopera also serves on the Florida Structural Engineers Association’s (FSEA) Building Code Advisory Committee.

Agendas, Meeting Books-Reports, Final Orders and Minutes


CURRENT AGENDA -  May 24, 2017


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JHPC MEETING BOOKS -  May 24, 2017


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For more information, please contact

Historic Preservation Section
Planning and Development Department
214 North Hogan Street, Suite 300
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 255-7859
Fax:  (904) 255-7885
Email: historicpreservation@coj.net