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- Change of Mailing Address (Word docx)**
Change of Ownership or Control Form for Non-Homesteaded Property - DR430 (411k pdf)
- Conservation Assessment Application (351k pdf)
- Conservation Exemption Application - DR-418C (for real property dedicated in
perpetuity for conservation)(364.12k pdf)
- Data & Document Request Form (84k pdf)
- Declaration of Mobile Home as Real Property DR-402
(Email request for form to )
- Delete & Tie or Split Request (28.24k pdf)
- Deployed Military Exemption  (86k pdf)
- Disabled Veterans' Property Tax Discount on Homesteaded Property DR-501dv
- 'Granny Flats' Application (99k pdf)* DR-501 PGP
- Greenbelt/Agricultural Classification Application (Fillable - 63k pdf) DR-482
- Greenbelt/Agricultural Classification Application (63k pdf) DR-482
- Greenbelt/Ag. Classification Late File Explanation Form 
Homestead Exemption Application * DR-501 (Online filing also available)
- Homestead Exemption Removal Request(25.9k pdf)*
- Non-Profit - Religious, Charitable, Literary, Scientific, or Educational Exemption Application (329k pdf)* DR-504
- Non-Profit Affordable Housing Affirmative Steps Application Package (60.5k pdf)
- Non-Profit Affordable Housing Rentals Application Package (146.2k pdf)
- Non-Profit Application - Charter Schools (16.8k pdf) DR504cs
- Non-Profit Application - Homes for the Aged (22k pdf) DR504ha
- Non-Profit Affidavit - Homes for the Aged (19.5k pdf) DR504s
- Physician Certification of Total & Permanent Disability (641.25k pdf)* DR-416
- Portability Form (74k pdf)* DR-501T
- Proprietary Continuing Care Facility Application (88k) DR501CC
- Request for Personal Information Exemption (111k pdf)*
   Please include Real Estate # on form.
   Link to: Florida Statute 119.071
Senior Additional Homestead Exemptions - both forms below must be completed:
- Senior Citizen Additional Homestead Exemptions - Application (Duval 501) - Part 1 (84.3k pdf)
- Senior Citizen Additional Homestead Exemptions - Application (DR 501sc) - Part 2 (69k pdf)*
- Statement of Gross Income (63.2k pdf)* DR-501A
- Tangible Personal Property Tax Return (164k pdf) DR-405
- Value Adjustment Board Petition Form - Real and Tangible Property, DR486 (pdf)
      -DR486 Required Attachment
- Value Adjustment Board Petition Form - Portability, DR486Port (pdf)
      -DR486Port Required Attachment
- Value Adjustment Board Attachment for Single Joint Petition for Multiple Units, DR486MU (29.4k pdf)
- Value Adjustment Board Written Authorization for Representation Before the VAB DR486A (152 k pdf)
- Value Adjustment Board Power of Attorney for Representation Before the VAB  DR486POA ( 59 k pdf)
- Value Adjustment Board Petition to the VAB - Tax Deferral or Penalties DR486DP ( 125k pdf)
- Value Adjustment Board Petition Withdrawal Form, DR485WI (355k pdf)
- Veterans 65 & Older with a Combat-Related Disability Tax Discount Application DR 501dv (82k pdf)  
- Working Waterfront Assessment Application (348k pdf)

TPP Tables

*Most questions about exemption eligibility or forms are answered on the Exemptions page. If you require further assistance, you can email to or call Customer Service at (904) 630-2020.

Real Estate related forms can be emailed to .
Tangible Personal Property forms can be emailed to .

** Address changes for homesteaded property go to .
** Address changes for non-homesteaded property go to .
** Address changes for Tangible Personal Property Accounts go to .

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