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- Change of Mailing Address (18.2KB DOCX Fillable)**
- Change of Ownership or Control Form for Non-Homesteaded Property - DR-430 (82KB PDF)
- Conservation Assessment Application - DR-482C (351KB PDF Fillable)
- Conservation Exemption Application - DR-418C (64KB PDF) (For real property dedicated in perpetuity for conservation)
- Data & Document Request Form (43.3KB DOCX Fillable)
- Declaration of Mobile Home as Real Property DR-402
(Email request for form to
- Delete & Tie or Split Request (59KB PDF)
- Deployed Military Exemption - DR-501M (256KB PDF)
- Designation of Ownership Shares of Abandoned Homestead  - DR-501TS (81KB DOC Fillable)
- Disabled Veterans' Property Tax Discount on Homesteaded Property - DR-501DV (78.0KB DOC Fillable)
- First Responder's Physician Certificate of Disability (36.9KB DOCX Fillable)
- First Responder's Employer Certification of Injury (35.1KB DOCX Fillable)
- 'Granny Flats' Application - DR-501PGP (109KB DOC Fillable)
- Greenbelt/Agricultural Classification Application - DR-482 (92KB PDF Fillable)
- Greenbelt/Ag. Classification Late File Explanation Form  (143KB PDF Fillable)
Homestead Exemption Application * - DR-501 (485KB PDF Fillable) (Online filing also available)
- Homestead Exemption Removal Request (980KB DOC Fillable)*
- Non-Profit - Religious, Charitable, Literary, Scientific, or Educational Exemption Application - DR-504 (201KB PDF)*
- Non-Profit Affordable Housing Affirmative Steps Application Package (336KB PDF)
- Non-Profit Affordable Housing Rentals Application Package (351KB PDF)
- Non-Profit Application - Charter Schools - DR-504CS (17KB PDF)
- Non-Profit Application - Homes for the Aged - DR-504HA (22KB PDF)
- Non-Profit Affidavit - Homes for the Aged - DR-504S (155KB PDF)
- Physician Certification of Total & Permanent Disability  - DR-416 (161KB PDF)*
- Optometrist's Certification of Total and Permanent Disability - DR-416B (204KB PDF)
- Portability Form - DR-501T (211KB PDF Fillable)*
- Proprietary Continuing Care Facility Application - DR-501CC (88KB DOC Fillable)
- Request for Personal Information Exemption (142KB PBF Fillable)*
   Please include Real Estate # on form.
   Link to: Florida Statute 119.071
Senior Additional Homestead Exemptions - both forms below must be completed:
- Senior Citizen Additional Homestead Exemptions - Application (Duval 501) - Part 1 (85KB PDF Fillable)
- Senior Citizen Additional Homestead Exemptions - Application (DR501SC) - Part 2 (205KB PDF)
- Statement of Gross Income - DR-501A (36KB PDF)*
- Tangible Personal Property Tax Return  - DR-405 (599KB PDF Fillable)
- Value Adjustment Board Petition Form - Real and Tangible Property, DR486 (459KB PDF Fillable)
 - Value Adjustment Board Petition Form - Portability, DR486Port (544KB PDF Fillable)
 - Value Adjustment Board Attachment for Single Joint Petition for Multiple Units, DR486MU  (302KB PDF)
- Value Adjustment Board Written Authorization for Representation Before the VAB DR486A (268KB PDF Fillable)
- Value Adjustment Board Power of Attorney for Representation Before the VAB  DR486POA (94KB PDF Fillable)
- Value Adjustment Board Petition to the VAB - Tax Deferral or Penalties DR486DP  (254KB PDF Fillable)
- Value Adjustment Board Petition Withdrawal Form, DR485WI (91KB PDF Fillable)
- Veterans 65 & Older with a Combat-Related Disability Tax Discount Application DR 501dv (78KB DOC Fillable)  
- Working Waterfront Assessment Application (348KB PDF Fillable)

AirBnB  NEW! How renting could affect your exemptions!
Greenbelt  Agricultural Classification
Homestead Exemptions
First Responder Exemptions
Non Profit Exemptions 
Veterans Exemptions
Tangible Personal Property

TPP Tables  General Worth & Economic Life
Income & Expense Forms

Duval County 2018 Certified Tax Roll - Text File - Pipe Delimited  81.4MB Zipped File
Duval County 2018 Certified Tax Roll - Access Database  178MB Zipped File
Tax Roll File Layout 346KB (pdf)
2018 Duval County Sales - CERTIFIED  70.4MB Zipped File
Sales File Layout 221KB (pdf)
Duval County GIS Shapefiles 10-15-18 366MB Zipped File

*Most questions about exemption eligibility or forms are answered on the Exemptions page. If you require further assistance, you can email to or call Customer Service at (904) 630-2020.

Real Estate related forms can be emailed to .
Tangible Personal Property forms can be emailed to .

The Property Appraiser's Custodian of Public Records, as per Florida Statutes 119.12 Section (2) is:
Yadira M. Botero, Executive Assistant to the Property Appraiser
Office of the Property Appraiser
231 E. Forsyth Street, Suite 270
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 630-2020
Fax: (904) 630-2525

** Address changes for homesteaded property go to .
** Address changes for non-homesteaded property go to .
** Address changes for Tangible Personal Property Accounts go to .

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