City Council Redistricting Special Committee

February 25, 2021
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (If attending virtually, please join the meeting by 8:50 A.M.)
Virtual & In-Person Meeting
Physical Location: Council Chambers
City Hall
117 W. Duval Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Meeting ID: 980 7971 5856
Passcode: 550441
Notice is hereby given that the Honorable Garrett Dennis, Chairman, hereby schedules the HYBRID VIRTUAL IN PERSON MEETING FOR THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON REDISTRICTING. Members of the Jacksonville City Council, and other elected or appointed members of Boards and Commission are invited to attend. This meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 25, 2021, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, in the Jacksonville City Council Chambers, located at 117 West Duval Street, Jacksonville, Florida.
A quorum of the Committee Members (3) will need to be present in-person, but other members may attend utilizing Communications Media Technology (CMT). The meeting will discuss topics related to the background and charge of the Committee and any other items noted on the meeting’s agenda or at the discretion of the Chair.
Whenever the Council President deems appropriate, but not more than six months after the official date for taking the decennial census (April 1, 2020), the Council President shall appoint a special committee or designate a standing committee to serve as a Redistricting Committee.
Charter Sections 5.02 and 13.03 impose upon the Council the duty and responsibility of redistricting the Council districts and the School Board districts. The Council is obligated to ensure that all districts are as nearly equal in population and are arranged in a logical and compact geographical pattern as possible to achieve compliance with federal and state laws. The geographical arrangement and territorial boundaries must take into consideration other factors, particularly compactness and contiguity, so that residents of the City and their varied economic, social and ethnic interests and objectives are adequately represented in the configuration of Council and the School Board districts.
  1. Selection of Redistricting Consultant
The Redistricting Committee shall investigate possible persons or entities, including the Planning and Development Department (PDD), qualified to serve as a Redistricting Consultant, which may be sent out as a request for proposals. After its investigation, the Redistricting Committee shall present to the Council the names of the persons or entities recommended to be chosen as the Redistricting Consultant, based on their professional qualifications and experience in redistricting.
If a consultant other than the PDD is chosen, the Redistricting Committee shall follow Chapter 126, Ordinance Code, the City’s Procurement Code. The final selection of the Redistricting Consultant shall be approved by Council.
In order to meet the 30-day deadline for submission of a proposed plan, discussed in c) below, the Redistricting Committee must work with the selected consultant well in advance in order to establish the City’s assumptions, ground rules and expectations in a proposed plan. The consultant must have received the City’s “marching orders” from your committee and be ready to work on various plan proposals as soon as the final Census date is certified (by March 31, 2021).
  1. Obtain Legally Permissible Considerations for Redistricting in accordance with state, federal and case law
The Redistricting Committee will hear from the Office of General Counsel about the criteria and analysis consistent with the current status of federal law and court precedents that will determine what rules must be followed in developing legally defensible districts and the Redistricting Committee will develop guidelines based off of these legal considerations.
  1. Schedule for Preparation of Plan to be Submitted to Council
The Redistricting Committee shall adopt a schedule for preparation of a plan and present the plan to Council. This plan must be submitted by the Redistricting Committee to Council within 30 days after the U.S. Census data is certified, which is scheduled to occur by March 31, 2021. The redistricting consultant or PDD shall begin drawing alternative proposals in early 2021 using guidelines for new districts supplied by the Redistricting Committee and preliminary census data that usually becomes available later in the year the Census is taken. By spring 2021, the consultant or PDD will produce the final proposed map(s) for presentation to the Redistricting Committee.
  1. Reapportionment Committees Present a Plan to the Rules Committee and City Council
Within 150 days after the U.S. Bureau of the Census certification of the final population count for the City (before August 28, 2021), the Redistricting Committee will submit its final proposed plan to Council, in the form of an ordinance that will be referred to the Rules Committee.
The Redistricting Committee shall have available alternative plans considered but not recommended for review by Council. If the PDD is not selected as the Redistricting Consultant, the PDD shall serve to advise the Council and the Redistricting Committee as to matters related to the process.
The meeting noticed herein can be accessed virtually through the Zoom.US- computer application or in-person at Council Chambers. Council Members, City staff and the public may attend the meeting at the physical location- Council Chambers, but CDC guidelines will be adhered to due to COVID-19. A mandatory mask requirement is in place for all public buildings pursuant to the COJ Emergency Executive Proclamation 2020-005, as extended. The public will be encouraged to share general comments with individual Council Members by email or telephone. is the designated email for comments to be including as a part of this meeting.  
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  • Legal Name must appear on Zoom to be recognized by the Chair;
  • DO NOT state your residence- address as this is not required in this forum – only state
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  • Timeframe set by Chairman – No more than 3 minutes per speaker.
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