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City of Jacksonville

Council Member Garrett Dennis Introduces Legislation That Addresses Citizens' Concerns Regarding a Wide Range of Issues

June 04, 2020  
Photo of Council Member Garrett Dennis, District 9.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In an effort to take meaningful legislative action, Council Member Garrett Dennis has introduced the following legislation:

  • 2020-0325 A resolution urging Sheriff Williams to work cooperatively with the State Attorney’s Office, along with public input, to refine and improve the current policy regarding the release of body camera.
  • 2020-0326 A resolution supporting the passage of a policy designating City Hall as a “Hit Free Zone,” to include training of employees for an appropriate response.
  • 2020-0320 An ordinance relating to the Council Rules to allow for public comment at the beginning of City Council meetings as well as the end.
  • 2020-0311 An amendment to the Jacksonville Small Emerging Business Program, mandating a 20% goal on all contracts for small and emerging businesses, which could potentially secure $60 million in contracting opportunities annually.

Media Release

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