Council President Michael Corrigan Receives Historic Preservation Award

June 20, 2007  

Jacksonville City Council President Michael Corrigan (District 14) has been recognized by the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission for his contributions to historic preservation by the presentation of a Historic Preservation Award at the Commission's 2007 Preservation Awards Ceremony on May 30th. Mr. Corrigan, whose City Council district encompasses several of the city's oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Riverside, Avondale and Murray Hill, was honored for his service to the cause of historic preservation both before and during his tenure on the City Council.

Councilman Corrigan's many contributions to historic preservation include the following:

1. While serving as a two term Chairman of Riverside Avondale Preservation in 1996-1998, he worked with the Council to pass bill 1997-1029-E that created the Riverside Avondale Local Historic District (the largest local historic district in the Southeast).

2. While serving as a City Council Member representing District 14, he worked to have Ortega declared a National Historic District.

3. He successfully worked to return Post and College streets in historic Riverside from one-way US highways to two-way residential streets to help return the streets to their original character and use, thus improving their value to positively affect the city's tax rolls.

4. He has introduced legislation to create the Riverside Avondale Zoning Overlay to enhance and preserve the future of the neighborhoods while encourage compatible growth.

5. He has been a constant supporter of all of our historic neighborhoods in Jacksonville, realizing the role that they play in creating a complete city.

6. He is proud to have purchased and renovated 3 historic homes in the district that he represents

7. He led the City Council in passing an ordinance that accelerated the renovation of the Laura Street Trio buildings (three of Jacksonville's best examples of historic commercial buildings) by partnering with the Kuhn Company.

In receiving the award, Councilman Corrigan said 'I know, first hand, that protecting and enhancing our historic neighborhoods is a good investment for the city and its citizens. Improving our city's core neighborhoods allows us to take advantage of existing infrastructure and protect our long term tax base. Every great city has respect for its past.'