Finance Chair Michael Corrigan Appoints Subcommittee on Performance and Audits

July 22, 2008  

Jacksonville City Council Finance Committee Chairman Michael Corrigan (Council District 14) today announced the appointment of a subcommittee of the Finance Committee to study city government performance and to review audits and reports about City finances and operations produced by a variety of entities. The committee, which will be composed of Finance Committee members Jack Webb, Stephen Joost and Clay Yarborough, will oversee the City's ongoing development and implementation of performance measurement, benchmarking and management systems and indicators.

The subcommittee will also be the Finance Committee's primary mechanism for receiving and reviewing the audits and reports produced by the City Council Auditor's Office, the City's independent auditor, the City Inspector General, and the TRUE (Taxation, Revenue and Utilization of Expenditures) Commission. The subcommittee will provide the opportunity, outside of the pressures of normal Finance Committee agenda constraints, to carefully review the findings and recommendations of officers and agencies that devote considerable time and resources to in-depth examinations of governmental operations, policies, procedures and budgets, and will assist the Finance Committee in having the fullest level of understanding of the finances and operations of the City government, its constitutional officers and independent authorities. The subcommittee may also advise the Finance Committee and full City Council on the selection of the City's independent auditor.

The committee, to be chaired by Council Member Webb, will meet on an as-needed basis at the call of the Chair, in consultation with the Council Auditor.