Jacksonville City Council Legislative Bill Summary Reports Now Available On-Line by Date of Introduction

May 02, 2007  

Council President Michael Corrigan announces, the Jacksonville City Council now maintains on-line access to the Legislative Bill Summary Reports by date of introduction. Bill Summaries have been available on-line as part of the documentation for particular legislation for many years, but now the reports are also available as a group by date of introduction. 'Many of our constituents have requested the ability to access bill summaries as a group for the new bills introduced each legislative cycle,' said President Corrigan. 'This effort is another avenue in providing the public open access to documents produced within the Council Offices, while providing additional sources for accessibility and at the same time reducing production cost, man hours, paper usage and postage expenses,' said Cheryl L. Brown, Director/Council Secretary. 'This is definitely a cost saving measure,' added Ms. Brown.

The implementation of the project was developed in house with the assistance of the City Council's Information Systems Administrators. In addition to the group report accessed from the Agendas Page on the Council's web page at www.coj.net, each bill summary will continue to be available as part of the documentation for that particular legislation. As with all legislative documentation, a printed copy is maintained in the Office of Legislative Services for public viewing and the staff there will assist the public interested in obtaining printed copies.

Please contact Cheryl L. Brown, Director at (904) 630-1452 for additional information or correspondence.