Jacksonville City Council Member Suzanne Jenkins forms 'Downton Action Plan Committee'

March 10, 2006  

Following the widely attended March 6th meeting held to discuss alternate redevelopment plans for downtown, City Council Member Suzanne Jenkins, today announced the formation of a 'Downtown Action Plan Committee' The committee, which will be comprised of downtown's business, government and community leaders, will meet every Monday beginning March 20, 2006.

'As I stated in my public meeting last Monday evening,' Jenkins said, 'I thought it was important that a special committee be assembled that can review the ideas presented on streetscape and connectivity. It is my goal that in three months this group will have assessed the most effective path for downtown's sidewalk/street/park revitalization. Once we have that we can really get things happening down here right now. By having recommendations ready in June, we can lobby for dollars in next years budget to begin the process of creating a streetscape and pedestrian connectivity for a vibrant downtown.'

All Downtown Action Plan Committee meetings are open to the public and will be publicly notice in compliance with the State of Florida's sunshine laws. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. Meetings will be held:

Mondays beginning March 20th
8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
City Hall, Suite 425
Conference Room A
117 W. Duval Street

Downtown Action Plan Committee Membership:
Jim Bailey, President of Bailey Publishing & Communications and Downtown Design Review Committee member
Kevin Connor, member of downtown advocate group Metro-Jacksonville
Ennis Davis, member of downtown advocate group Metro-Jacksonville
Chris Flagg, Landscape Architect & President of Flagg Designs and Downtown Design Review Committee member
Tri Vu, President of TTV Architect and Building Codes Adjustment Board member
Steven Dare, owner of downtown restaurant Boomtown Theatre & Coffee Salon
Anna Dooley, Executive Director of Greenscape

City of Jacksonville members:
Suzanne Jenkins, City Council Member - District 4
Ron Barton, Exec. Director of the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission
John Culbreth, Director of the Dept. of Parks, Recreation, Entertainment & Conservation
Alan Mosley, Chief Operating Officer
Mike Saylor, Director of the Dept. of Planning & Development

For additional information, please contact (904) 630-7372.