The City of Jacksonville’s Façade Renovation Matching Grant Program provides commercial or retail façade renovation funding assistance for existing businesses in designated economically distressed areas (EDA) throughout the City (see property search below). The public investment in the facades of structures will provide the encouragement to entice investment in these targeted areas. It has the potential to translate into enhanced sales and or increase customers for many of the businesses.

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To find out if your property is located within a designated economically distressed area (EDA), please visit   Enter the property address and click “Search.” If the property is located within an EDA, the EDA level (1 or 2) will be listed about halfway down the left hand column.  Alternatively, you can select the EDA button on the map home page, then click “Search.” Once zoomed in to a certain extent, the map will display in red those properties which are in an EDA.

For more information about the program, contact the Office of Economic Development at (904) 630-1858.