Program Overview

The Northwest Jacksonville Economic Development Fund (NWJEDF) is a public fund accessible by existing and prospective businesses in the Northwest Jacksonville area. The goals of the NWJEDF are to:
  • Create access to jobs for Northwest area residents.
  • Support the expansion of existing businesses within the Northwest area and encourage the creation of new service and retail businesses to serve the needs of the community.
  • Encourage redevelopment of vacant and underutilized buildings within the Northwest area.
  • Stimulate new investment within the Northwest area, adding to the tax base.

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Guidelines and Processes
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NWJEDF Boundary

Current Projects
Project Name Project Description Project Assistance Projected New Jobs Projected Private
Capital Investment              
Bill Number
Moncrief Plaza Shopping Center Water & sewer infrastructure improvements Construction loan & infrastructure grant 60 $3,600,000 2001-1114
The Soap Bubble Laundromats, Inc. Infrastructure improvements Construction loan & grant 22 $1,343,000 2002-0431
Mr. G's Hair Depot Onsite infrastructure & building improvements Construction loan & grant 4 $68,500 2002-0832
For Your Child Only Day Care Center Acquisition of land & building Construction loan 15 $311,000 2003-0300
First Coast No More Homeless Pets Acquisition & renovation of building for animal medical facility Construction loan & grant 54 $987,390 2008-1036
Fresh Ministries Beaver Street Onsite infrastructure & building improvements Construction loan & infrastructure grant 95 $601,109 2010-0367
North Point Town Center Mixed use retail/office facility Construction loan & grant 17 $1,881,800 2010-0750
Cowealth, LLC Acquisition of building & purchase of equipment/ machinery Loan & infrastructure grant 56 $2,430,000 2011-0290
First Coast No More Homeless Pets 2 Low cost, full-service animal hospital Construction loan & grant 47 $1,750,761 2015-0014
Church's Chicken Fast food restaurant Infrastructure grant 20 $1,000,000 2015-0015
Sea Breeze Food service distributor Infrastructure grant 5 $238,909 2015-0224
Jacksonville Farmers Market Local produce market Improvements to market grant 20 $410,000 2016-0067

The Lofts on Main, LLC
(Third and Main, LLC)

Housing & retail development project Extension of loan 12 $6,012,308 2016-0334
Hans-Mill Corp Manufacturing facility Improvements to manufacturing facility grant 23 $11,799,000 2016-0403
Mixon Studios Event facility and artist studios Infrastructure grant 6 $557,173 2017-0018
For Your Child Only Day Care Center Loan modification to
re-amortize the loan and
extend maturity date
LiquidProof, LLC d/b/a Four Fathers Distillery, Inc. Sprinkler System installation and water line extension to the building Construction loan and infrastructure grant 5 $436,000 2017-448

Annual Report
Click here to download a copy of the 2017 NWJEDF Annual Report.

NWJEDF Advisory Committee Members
John Allmand, JAA Architecture
Fred Atwill, Jr., ATWILL, LLC. 
George Barnes, George A. Barnes Realty
Cynthia Glover, Regions Bank
Valerie Jenkins, Wells Fargo
Karen Landry, War on Poverty
Royce McGowan, McGowan Spinal Rehabilitation Center
Joseph Whitaker, City of Jacksonville

Meeting Times
The advisory committee meets on the third Tuesday of every month at City Hall, 117 West Duval Street, in Conference Room C on the third floor.  Please note that meeting dates and locations are subject to change.

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Staff Contacts
Daphne Colbert, (904) 630-7117,
Joe Whitaker, (904) 630-1624,