The residential solid waste fee covers the cost for the city to provide collection and disposal of household garbage, yard waste, and recycling.

  • Generally, the solid waste fee is charged to property owners that have four or less residential structures on a parcel. 
  • Parcels with more than four residential structures are not eligible for city residential collection. 
  • The solid waste fee is collected as a non-ad valorem assessment on the property tax bill. 
  • There are no discount programs available for this fee.
  • The current rate per residence is $12.65/month, or $151.80/year. â€‹Future rates will be determined according to the annual review of fees as defined in Sec. 106.112, Jacksonville Ordinance Code.
NOTE:  All owners of eligible residential premises - regardless of occupancy - will be charged the solid waste fee.  If you wish to contest the charges, please call the Solid Waste Division at 904-255-7500 and complete and submit an affidavit for waiver.  
Waivers will not be granted for properties with only one residential unit. 

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