Bulk Item Collection

  • Bulk items are defined as large items of residential waste which, because of their volume, size, shape or weight, cannot be placed for collection in the City-issued garbage carts.

Household Bulk Items Collections for Automated Service Areas

  • Bulk item collection varies by item type and service area. 
  • Bulk items are collected the same day as your recycling. Set out all items no later than 6 a.m. on collection day.


  •  Mattresses, sofas, chairs, other furniture and BBQ grills
  •  Glass (mirrors, table tops)—must be wrapped and taped
  •  Rolled carpet and padding—no longer than five (5) feet
  •  Fencing – wire fencing must be rolled into bundles and secured, while wooden fences must be cut into sections
  •  Each piece must not be longer than five (5) feet
  •  Treated or painted wood – cut to six (6) feet in length or shorter
  •  Place within five (5) feet of curb