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The Air Quality Branch is in place to help ensure that the air is clean and safe for Duval County residents.  Most issues we handle involve odors, dust, asbestos problems and illegal burning.  Loud noise is also an issue that is handled by our staff. 
Open burning is not allowed in Duval County.  This applies to all properties, including residential homeowners.  The burning of household, yard waste and construction material or waste is illegal.  Only land clearing debris resulting from the initial clearing of vegetation on commercial properties may be burned.  For land clearing debris, an open burning permit is required. 
For questions regarding open burning permits, loud noise or other air quality related issues, please call 630-CITY (2489).  General Information on specific air quality topics are found below.

Air Pollution Source Permitting: AQB performs most state air pollution source permitting functions in Duval County, and can assist businesses in Duval County in meeting federal, state and local air pollution permitting requirements. Permit application forms and instructions are available. Permit engineers are available for consultation at (904) 255-7100 and on the Internet.

Ambient Air Monitoring: Concentrations of carbon Click here for Air Quality Indexmonoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, lead and particulate matter in the outdoor atmosphere are measured and recorded in accordance with federal and state regulations. Data are available to the residents of Jacksonville and to consultants for use in air pollution dispersion modeling. The daily Air Quality Index (AQI) is reported to the various news media, and on the Ambient Air Monitoring Web page.

Asbestos Notification: A ten-working day advance notification is required prior to renovation operations where asbestos may be disturbed. All facility (building) demolitions that remove load bearing structural members require the same notification whether or not asbestos is present.  Click here for additional information and the asbestos notification form.  Prior to any renovation or demolition operation, an asbestos survey must be performed pursuant to Chapter 469 of the Florida Statutes. FAQs on asbestos in the home.

Information/Community Outreach: AQB can often provide speakers or presenters to civic groups, industrial groups or trade associations. Training programs are frequently made for asbestos related contractors. Volunteers are often available for other types of community outreach, including judging school or regional science fairs and city clean-up or beautification projects. You can contact us at (904)255-7100 for a list of available speakers from the agency.

Noise Pollution: The Noise Pollution section investigates citizen complaints of noise.  To lodge a noise complaint, call 630-CITY (2489) or visit For general questions about noise activity, please call 255-7100.  

Noise Variance:  Please review Ordinance Chapter 360.111 to determine if your operation requires a variance from the noise pollution standards as established in Environmental Protection Board Rule 4.  If required, please contact James Richardson at (904) 255-7100 or email him for an application.  The variance process does require a fee.  To find out the current fee, please visit the City's fee webpage. 

Toxic Air Pollutants: The AQB air toxics program conducts ambient air toxics monitoring at two stationary ambient air toxics monitoring sites.  

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