What is the LaSalle Street Pump Station Project?

The LaSalle Street Pump Station project will reduce stormwater flooding on LaSalle Street and the surrounding neighborhood. The new pump station is one of a series of planned improvements to the stormwater collection system in the San Marco neighborhood.

The project will include:

  • Design and installation of a new pump station on LaSalle Street.
  • Inspection of existing stormwater collection system on LaSalle Street
  • Cleaning and repairs of existing system (as needed)

Benefits from the new pump station include the following:

  • Alleviate flooding on LaSalle Street
  • Alleviate flooding at the intersection of LaSalle Street & San Marco Boulevard
  • Improve the overall capability of the stormwater system in San Marco
  • Walled enclosure for pump station adheres to San Marco design overlay


LaSalle Drainage Project Map

When will construction on the LaSalle Pump Station begin? 


When will construction be complete?


What is included in the project?

Phase I:  

  • Installation of new pump station on LaSalle Street
Phase II:                      
  • Drainage Improvements for the LaSalle Basin

What roads will be impacted?

LaSalle Street & San Marco Boulevard