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Supplier Pre-Qualification

https://jaxprocure.coj.net/prequalify and Demolition - For questions, please call Marilyn Laidler (904) 255-8804 or Donica Golden (904) 255-8821.

Here are the links to Pre-Qualification Procedures and Applications:

Construction Pre-Qualification Procedures – (over $500,000) 

Construction Pre-Qualification Application – (over $500,000) 

Demolition Pre-Qualification Procedures – (under $500,000)

Demolition Pre-Qualification Application – (under $500,000)

For questions about Procedures and Applications, please call Marilyn Laidler (904) 255-8804.

Disqualified Suppliers

Disqualified Supplier List  - If you have any questions, please call Cindy Phillips (904) 255-8822.


If you have any questions, please contact us at SupplierRegistration@coj.net or (904) 255-8800.