Oversight Boards and Commissions
Legislative Authority: Reso 73-1221-322; Bylaws

Total Members: 30

Committee Duties: Mayor makes 12 appointments; the board elects 18 members. Designated as the agent for the City for the purpose of determining and authorizing the allocation of a lump sum Cultural Service Grant and Capital Grant Appropriation designated in the annual budget ordinance or in supplemental appropriation ordinances as being appropriated for eligible recipients. The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville is a separate, non-profit organization.

Meeting Date: The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville is a separate, non-profit organization. For a complete list of the Board of Directors for the Cultural Council, please visit http://www.culturalcouncil.org. All mayoral appointees are listed on this page. (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Committee Members:

Name Category
Anderson, Greg City Council
Baker, Claudia D. Mayor 01
Barth, Michelle Ex-Officio
Brown, Elaine E. Mayor 06
Brunet-Garcia, Diane K.  
Carey, Ann
Chambers, Cathy  
Choy, Brandon N.  
Coley, Alex  
Cornelius, Jacquelyn H. Board 12
Danley, Frank  
Dyal, Nicholas Allen Mayor 02
Engdahl, David Mayor 07
Flagg, Chris  
Gasper, Kemal Thomas Mayor 11
Goodrich, Lisa M.  
Gulliford, Bill Ex-Officio Council President
Harding, Abel  
Holzendorf, Kevin J.  
Housen, Karlin Leslieann Mayor 01
Hyater-Adams, Yvette Angelique Mayor 08
Lovett, Staphen T  
Mandelbaum, Art Board
McDonald, Tayloe Mayor 03
Ryan-Gonzalez, Rebecca Mayor 04
Sampson, Joe  
Serwatka, Thomas S.  
Thompson, Penny Mayor 05
Wamble-King, Sharon Mayor 09
Watson, Frank Board 05
Williams, Steve  
Wilson, Larry  

Contact Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Bullock, James Office Manager (904) 358-3600 james@culturalcouncil.org