Neighborhood Plans and Studies

The Neighborhood Planning Section manages the district-wide Vision Plans, Neighborhood Action Plans and Corridor Studies developed for the City of Jacksonville. This section is charged with the interpretation of consistency with plan recommendations for Land Use and Zoning applications, and for the evaluation and implementation of plans and studies. For information, contact Lisa Ransom, Neighborhood Services Manager, Neighborhood Services Office, Neighborhoods Department at 904-255-8250.

Neighborhood Action Plans (NAPs) address a multitude of issues in a variety of neighborhoods and contain strategies and recommendations that can be put into action. When development occurs in one of the NAP areas, the application is reviewed for consistency with the plans through the Neighborhood Planning Section of the Planning Department. Since 1977, a total of 19 NAPs have been completed and adopted by City Council. To view these documents, please click on the following links:

Adopted Neighborhood Action Plans

29th & Chase Neighborhood Action Plan (4393kb)
Ordinance 2004-1301

45th and Moncrief NAP (6167kb)
Ordinance 2004-1302

Baymeadows Plan
Baymeadows Report
Ordinance  2012-0192

Brentwood-Northshore Neighborhood Plan (1029kb)
Ordinance 1979-1064

East Jacksonville Neighborhood Action Plan (9191kb)
Ordinance 2001-1162

Kings Road/Beaver Street Neighborhood Action Plan (4975kb)
Ordinance 2001-0668
Edward Waters College Master Plan (cover only) (5244kb)
Edward Waters College Master Plan (remainder) (8143kb)

Lakawana Neighborhood Study (5185kb)
Ordinance 1980-0830

Lem Turner/Ribault Scenic Neighborhood Action Plan(11299kb)
Ordinance 2004-0707

Mandarin Area Development Plan (2920kb)
Ordinance 1978-0204

Marietta Neighborhood Plan (5244kb)
Ordinance 1980-0074

Mayport Community Development Plan (2164kb)
Ordinance 1977-1168

Metro North Neighborhood Action Plan (6522kb)
Ordinance 2005-0461
Brentwood Strategic Improvement Plan

North Riverside Neighborhood Action Plan (410kb)
Ordinance 2003-0892

Old Arlington Neighborhood Action Plan (5604kb)
Ordinance 2007-0321

Phoenix Avenue Neighborhood Action Plan (5787kb)
Ordinance 2004-1300

Pine Forest Neighborhood Plan (8437kb)
Ordinance 1979-0693

Royal Terrace Neighborhood Plan (2023kb)
Ordinance 1994-1189

Sherwood Forest - Lincoln Villas Neighborhood Action Plan (11075kb)
Ordinance 2008-0073

Springfield Neighborhood Plan (3427kb)
Ordinance 1977-0755

Woodland Acres Neighborhood Plan (1066kb)
Ordinance 1979-0129

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For additional information on Neighborhood Action Plans, Corridor Studies and Land Use and Zoning Studies, please contact
Lisa Ransom, Neighborhood Services Manager, Neighborhood Services Office, Neighborhoods Department at 904-255-8250.